Quantarium’s Chief Commercial Officer Romi Mahajan to discuss “Is Artificial Intelligence Real or Fake News?” at InteropITX 

March 4, 2019
There is so much talk of AI, far too much in fact! With almost all companies making some claims to AI, it is virtually impossible to separate the real from the fake and the meaningful from the worthless. At the heart of the matter are incredibly important business, societal, ethical, and technical question. We are at a fork in the road and have to hone our skills to determine and decipher what is real AI driving real value and what isn’t.

This session will consist of a panel of renowned thinkers who are actively involved in navigating the shoals of AI. There is enormous opportunity ahead of us, if we get it right now.

The session will be led by Romi Mahajan, Marketer, Author, and Technology Investor.

Panelists will include:

1. Khadija Mustafa, GM of AI at Microsoft
2. Samir Saluja, Founder of Deriveone
3. Danielle Funston, VP of Blueprint Technologies
4. Erick Watson, VP of Quantarium