QEdge Appraisal ModernizationTransparent, auditable, efficient.

nextgen AI appraisal & geo spatial technologyRevolutionizing AppraisalsModernization: at the forefront of the appraisal industry and its regulators' aims to improve the accuracy, reliability, transparency, and consistency of the appraisal process, Quantarium works with lenders, GSEs, regulators, and appraisers in developing next generation technologies poised to transform the current state of the industry.

technical breakthroughsAddressing Industry ChallengesDesigned from the ground up, QEdge deploys both innovative methodologies and technical breakthroughs to address appraisal accuracy, potential bias, increased industry throughput, and full downstream transparent auditability. The industry standard 3-comp method, an inherently subjective model that dates from the 1930s and operates without the benefit of big data, contributes to price inconsistency and potential racial disparity. QEdge, currently under test deployment, addresses these long-standing unresolved industry challenges by introducing agile big data and machine learning assets.

The QEdge Advantage

Multi single-variant trend analysis lines


10x more comparables data

instantaneous big data set analysis


Patented breakthrough SME mapping technology for fidelity, performance & scalability

Significant reduction in order completion time

Intuitive and auditable model scoring

Coefficient of dispersion, variance, and correlation

Price related Differential and Bias

Quantarium Comparable Sales Adjustments Agent Interface Animation

technology focusLocalized HPIs and LLM TechnologiesQEdge transforms appraisals with its patented lightning-fast mapping technology, which generates intelligent localized markets for the subject property. This innovative approach includes on the fly imports and localized HPIs, creating unmatched accuracy in appraisals. Spatial indexing of over 100M parcels and property characteristics, along with the integration of LLMs, drive the intuitive use of Quantarium’s data copilot. Big data tools providing the largest set of market comparables available, coupled with instant filtering to subject cohorts and a full line of sight with forensic audit trails for review ensure that QEdge provides exceptional quality control.

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