TerraPlot™ Intelligent MappingPush the boundaries with location intelligence.

market exploration technologyDiscover Your Real Estate UniverseTerraPlot™, a novel Terraverse™ solution, facilitates live market explorations via a rich, responsive and visually driven UI.

Unparalleled layers of innovation.

Unparalleled layers
of innovation.

Dynamic Color Representations

TerraPlot™ lightning-fast representations are a function of the viewport, adjusting on the fly based on hundreds of thousands of backend calculations.

Multifaceted Data Mining

TerraPlot™ uses high velocity spatial indexing of 100M+ parcel locations and dozens of property characteristics to render minable displays.

Flexible Use of Client Data

The TerraPlot™ technology can be trained on client-supplied data, generating the custom plots best tailored to your specific needs.

Highly Performant Backend

The TerraPlot™ engine is capable of serving map overlays in real time for a large number of pivots, for the entire United States, at almost any zoom level.

Why Us?Quantarium enables you to explore your real estate universe using location intelligence to define your markets, deeply understand properties in the larger context of the Terraverse™. A library of data pivots and the ability to create custom formulas let you truly delineate your region and rule your market.

The power to unveil a neighborhood's DNA.

The power to unveil
a neighborhood's DNA.


Market Definition Polygon

Help appraisers unfamiliar with assigned areas outline a market-definition polygon while choosing from among salient data pivots to define best market similarity fits, such as total valuation bands, in-kind stories, builder quality codes, year-over-year appreciation, property age or views, etc.


Subject Property Fit

Assist an appraiser in determining how the subject property fits within the geographic market area. Is it homogeneous or heterogeneous to the contiguous market ? Is it an outlier high-value property in a mid-tier  neighborhood?


Advanced Algorithms

Benefit from the industry’s leading precision and coverage AVM to algorithmically define contiguous areas of properties that are a similar fit in a certain regard, for example desirability or demand.


Market Exploration

Leverage TerraPlot™ market exploration technology to serve as a direct-to-customer market exploration tool, to define and illuminate areas of interest for a buyer, or to discover similar areas in distinct geographies.

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