Valuation Services PlatformIdentify new prospects, make valuation decisions confidently, enhance your business performance.

AI-based platformInformed Decisions, Actionable Data IntelligenceQuantarium’s Valuation Services Platform ushers in a new era of streamlined and customizable real estate valuation and appraisal processes. This dynamic platform, renowned for its exceptional performance, houses a suite of applications tailored for commercial and residential real estate valuation.

Data-driven evaluations, practical applications.

Data-driven evaluations,
practical applications.

Our solutions allow you to quickly and accurately value individual or multiple properties according to custom criteria, significantly improving your ability to drive and accelerate transactions.

Appraisal Technologies
State-of-the-Art BPO Technologies
Real-Time Embedded QC
Reconciled Market Value
Desktop Valuation Model
computer vision image categorization
AI-Driven Comp Likeness Score
Deep National Coverage
Rules-Based Workflow
robust market data import
Customized Search Polygon
Data Source Identified
Innovative User Interfaces
Quantarium Comparable Sales Adjustments Agent Interface Animation

BPO servicesNext Generation BPO ApproachOur Broker Price Opinion (BPO) solution combines proprietary computer vision, aggregated MLS data, and machine learning to generate agent-driven reports based on the best sold and listed comparables, property history, and customizable quality control rules.

Key Features
  • Appraisal Services
  • State-of-the-Art BPO Services
  • QC Services
  • Reconciled Market Value
  • Desktop Valuation Model
Delivery Methods
  • Web Portal
  • APIs
  • 1-Click PDF Reports
  • White Label Web Parts

Built for multiple audiences through
flexible configuration. business rules.

QEdge AppraisalAppraisal Modernization SolutionA cutting-edge improvement over traditional appraisal solutions, this modernized implementation is transforming the real estate industry with novel and customizable UI, built-in quality controls, and the integration of multiple state-of-the-art Quantarium technologies.

ML & Advanced Analytics
  • Significant reduction in order processing time
  • Multi single-variant trend analysis lines
  • 10x more comparables data
  • Instantaneous big dataset analysis
Repeatability & Transparency
  • SME mapping technology for fidelity, performance, and scalability
  • Intuitive and auditable model scoring
  • Coefficient of dispersion, variance, and correlation
  • Price-related differential and bias
Quantarium Comparable Sales Adjustments Agent Interface Animation

Cutting-edge improvements over traditional solutions.

Cutting-edge improvements
over traditional solutions.

Quantarium Comparable Sales Adjustments Agent Interface Animation

QCMA SoftwareAI-Driven Interactive CMA ToolQuantarium's comprehensive Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) software goes beyond standard valuation methods, offering unparalleled insights into the dynamic real estate market. With access to TerraLake™, our curated Quantarium data lake, as well as in-depth comparative analysis, QCMA empowers informed and strategic property decisions.

The QCMA Advantage
  • Adaptable
  • Intuitive
  • Results driven
  • Highly performant
Key Features
  • Price point determination with flexible persona
  • Enterprise-scale UX workflow
  • Powerful appraiser-grade tools
  • ML comp generation/TerraPlot™
  • AI QVM components
  • Customizable reporting outputs

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