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Founded by a team of leading scientists and Ph.D.s, Quantarium is a Seattle-based AI research, data, and differentiated IP portfolio company that has brought a novel and enabling set of technologies across a broad range of markets with a focus on real estate data analytics and practical innovation. Quantarium has a compelling blend of AI scientists, enterprise scale software architects, highly knowledgeable real estate professionals, and data experts in building successful software businesses.

For over 3 years, Quantarium has been validated by the most rigorous independent third-party testing available in the industry as providing the #1 ranked accuracy and national footprint coverage for AVM values.  Additionally,  due to its differentiated AI property valuation sciences and computer vision, Quantarium was selected from among a dozen vendors to design and build an FHFA-directed, next generation Appraisal Platform. This project will transform U.S. appraisal methodology and is currently entering alpha with a leading bank.  Quantarium’s latest real estate framework Terraverse™, an AI-Driven Ecosystem and Platform with Visual Technologies, Mapping Intelligence, and a leading AI-augmented data lake, provides deep property insights for over 158 million U.S. properties and is trusted by major mortgage lenders, GSE’s financial institutes, homebuilders, direct marketing agencies, and real estate professionals across the nation. Our products and services uncover and capitalize on the core DNA of vertical industries. From data and analytics to new business models, Quantarium offers real AI to drive real value.

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The name “Quantarium” results from blending “Quanta” and “Aquarium.” Think of Quanta as the smallest units of data swirling together in an aquarium and thereby creating intelligence, meaning, and data through their very interaction. This is the metaphor we aim to achieve by applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to data, big and small.

Our customer promise.

For us to be a valuable company, we must be crucial to the success of your business. This means our promise is to listen carefully, respond quickly, add value continuously, and provide consistent solutions to real problems. We are always looking for ways to get even better. If you feel there are ways we can help your business to be more successful, please contact your Quantarium representative or partner and tell us how we can assist.

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