QVM - Quantarium Valuation ModelsDifferent in kind than degree from legacy AVM approaches.

next-generation solutionsComputer Vision & Crossing The Condition ThresholdOur Fitch-rated valuation models – repeatedly proven the industry’s most accurate – are supercharged with a self-learning AI engine that can now see the property, constantly becoming smarter and more accurate as quality and quantity data are fed into it..

One solution, many applications.

One solution,
many applications.


Property Estimates at Your Fingertips

Whether collateral valuations, subject property, or geographic snapshots with trends, get instant valuations for virtually all residential properties in your real estate portfolio in the U.S.


Increase Loan Approval Rates

Instantly prequalify the property and determine the approximate lending value to reduce the time, cost, and risks throughout the lending lifecycle.


Assist Clients With Confidence

The most comprehensive snapshot available today for any subject property to help you recommend the best value of the property.


Make Intelligent Real Estate Decisions

Access the latest, and industry’s most comprehensive property insights, and make informed decisions fast.

The QVM Advantage

Unmatched Accuracy

Industry-Leading Hit Rate

Comprehensive Database

Ease of Integration

State-of-the-Art Technology


Rigorous Third-Party Testing

360-Degree View of Properties

Superior National Coverage

High-Level Granularity


Seamless 24/7 Availability

Whom We HelpOur Quantarium Valuation Models (QVM) provide the most current and accurate property valuations to a broad spectrum of customers, including lenders, mortgage banks, brokers, originators, servicers, insurance agencies, appraisers, and title companies.

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