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Quantarium Real Estate Data Licensing Borrower Activity Report

Whether you are looking for property ownership details, checking foreclosure status, validating a property value, exploring transaction history, or comparing nearby sales, we have you covered. We synthesize and validate data from multiple sources, using advanced quality assurance processes and at unparalleled data cost savings to meet your business needs.

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Instantly obtain the information you need in order to find and network with your prospects across the United States.


With Quantarium Marketing Lists, locating the right prospects is easier than ever. Our ready-to-use marketing lists are customizable based on hundreds of characteristics, and available on-the-fly through our web portal. We cover a wide range of residential and commercial prospects, from people who have recently moved or are planning to relocate, to those who are looking for a service provider for their home or firm needs.

List Highlights
  • Superior National Coverage
  • Instant Access and Download
  • Higher Delivery Rate
  • Comprehensive Mortgage and Financial Information
  • Verified and Updated Daily
  • High-Level Granularity
  • Millions of Records
  • Direct Email, Contact Number, and More
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Why endure the time and cost impairment of acquiring all of the big data sets when a concise, accurate and up-to-date representation of every property across the U.S. is available?


An asset within our data lake, Quantarium’s Managed Data Set (QMDS) is the most comprehensive and dynamic in the industry. With unprecedented breadth and precision, Quantarium’s managed data is underwritten by our award-winning proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning engine.  For our customers, the QMDS represents the cutting edge in industry-leading valuations, analytics, risk management, portfolio optimization, and decision-modeling across the US Housing Sector and downstream industries. We offer enhanced content, not available in standard public record solutions, that allows you to create comprehensive analyses, derive unique insights and establish competitive advantage for your portfolio or target market.

The Q Difference
  • Q Unique Identifier
  • Purpose of Loan
  • Purchase LTV
  • Estimated Equity Balance
  • Current Estimated Monthly P&I, Principal, and Interest
  • Current Estimated Interest Rate, Loan Balance, Equity, Combined LTV
  • Current Loan Assignment Information, Pre-Foreclosure Status, and Loan Term
  • Total Financing History Count
  • Current Total Open Lien Balances
  • Loan Level Details
  • Data Augmentation and Standardization
  • Parcel-Level and Ownership-Level Transaction History Database
  • Household-Level Demographic Database

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