A picture is worth a thousand words data points

Designed and developed in house, Quantarium’s TerraLook™ leverages our proprietary AI technology to deploy a sophisticated industry-leading, multi-branch and neural network approach to provide customers with a high-fidelity capability for both image classification and property valuations with precision.

What is Computer Vision Anyway

Computer Vision is powered by AI and Machine Learning to teach computers to see and interpret in a manner quite similar to humans, whether it is photos, books and documents, or, in the case of TerraLook™, the condition and desirability of a property.

Why is TerraLook™ Important

Incorporated within QVM, Quantarium’s AI valuation model, the TerraLook™ technology is trained on millions of real estate images to detect and classify objects both inside and outside the property. The property can then be ranked and graded based on the quality of the objects and other factors for more accurate insights into the property and its valuation.


Multi-Branch Approach Ensures High Fidelity

Classification, Object Detection and Semantic capabilities


Neural Networks - High-Functioning Predictors Capable of

  • Sophisticated room categorization
  • Object detection for features, finish levels, appliances, countertops and more
  • Modernity scores

Continual Learning - A Living System

TerraLook™ trains on multi-millions of image sets and is continually learning

Quantarium’s Solar API

Empower your team with better data through Quantarium’s Solar API powered by our industry-leading Computer Vision.

If your business needs to classify which properties have solar power or which don’t, let Quantarium provide your team with the most comprehensive and contextual data. Whether you need to focus your sales and marketing efforts on the highest value prospects and markets, or determine precise structure premiums or valuations – the Solar API is just one of many TerraLook™ services that provide you with a competitive advantage. Results are delivered your way, either on-demand by property or bulk reports by geography.

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