TerraLook™ Visual LabsSee more with practical computer vision for real estate.

AI & machine learningLeverage Proprietary AI TechnologyOur Visual Labs solutions are powered by AI & Machine Learning to teach our computers to see and interpret the condition, features, and desirability of a property in a manner quite similar to humans.

A picture is worth a thousand words. data points.

A picture is worth a thousand
words. data points.

Designed and developed in house, Quantarium’s TerraLook™ leverages our proprietary AI technology to deploy a sophisticated industry-leading, multi-branch and neural network approach to provide customers with a high-fidelity capability for both image classification and property valuations with precision.

Why is TerraLook™ important?

Why is TerraLook™

Incorporated within QVM, Quantarium’s AI valuation model, the TerraLook™ technology is trained on millions of real estate images to detect and classify objects both inside and outside the property.


Multi-Branch High Fidelity Approach

Classification, object detection and semantic capabilities.


Neural Networks - High-Functioning Predictors

  • Sophisticated room categorization.
  • Object detection for features, finishes, appliances, countertops, and more.
  • Modernity scores.

Continual Learning - A Living System

TerraLook™ trains on multi-millions of image sets and is continually learning.

solar apiEmpower Your Team With Better DataIf your business needs to classify which properties have solar power or which don't, let Quantarium provide your team with the most comprehensive and contextual data.

Quantarium adaptive AI computer vision technology Property Feature Detection Exterior
Quantarium Comparable Sales Adjustments Agent Interface Animation

land improvement detectionOrthographic Imagery Change DetectionThe most accurate and efficient method for the detection of land changes and agricultural rollbacks.

How do we stand out?

How do we
stand out?


Unmatched Accuracy

You can rely on Quantarium’s strict quality control standards that leverage machine learning to continually enhance data precision.


Time Efficiency

Our technology processes and analyzes data with lightning speed, delivering near real-time insights.


Integration Capability

Seamlessly integrates into your existing GIS platforms, streamlining your decision-making and strategic planning.


Consistent Monitoring

Stay on top of land changes year after year with automated and frequent data collection, ensuring a fair and timely tax assessment process.



Cover extensive territories swiftly, capturing comprehensive and detailed data efficiently.


Cost Effectiveness

Save big in the long run. Scalable aerial Computer Vision technology cuts manual labor and overhead costs, making it a cost-effective choice.

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