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Building True Artificial Intelligence

Built on the foundation of real AI, Quantarium combines deep industry expertise, self-learning technologies, and optimized processes to deliver unmatched real estate intelligence.

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A.I. Valuation Models
A.I. Valuation Models
Built on a highly scalable and resilient next-generation cloud infrastructure, our intelligent models with self-improving Machine Learning capabilities and deep learning algorithms, deliver diverse aspects of properties across the nation.
A.I. Valuation Services
A.I. Valuation Services
Industry-leading property intelligence for anyone who is looking for detailed reports to gain deeper visibility into residential or commercial properties and make informed business and investment decisions.
Property Portfolio Services
Portfolio Services
Fast, accurate, asset-by-asset property insights from nation's leading AVM provider to streamline governance, risks, and control within a lending lifecycle from loan origination to acquisition and portfolio management.
Data and Search Platform
Data and Search Platform
Industry's most accurate and reliable data foundation that helps companies empower their business network with the right prospects and capitalize on marketplace opportunities with greater confidence.
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  • Unmatched Accuracy
  • Superior National Coverage
  • Industry-Leading Hit Rate
  • State-of-the-Art Technology
  • High-Level Granularity
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