Quantarium’s Romi Mahajan to Speak at O’Reilly’s Findata Day in London 

February 26, 2019
Quantarium Chief Commercial Officer Romi Mahajan will be speaking about the application of AI to the world’s largest asset class- residential real estate at O Reilly’s Findata Day in London in April, 2019.

Who is this presentation for?
Business people, Organizational Leaders, AI practitioners


Prerequisite knowledge
All that is needed is a basic knowledge of applying technology to large and seemingly intractable business problems with speed and scale. No specialized knowledge is required.

What you’ll learn
1. That AI can be used for speed and scale in a seemingly inpenetrable but important industry. 2. That there are indeed no silver bullets even with AI and that a judicious combination of machine+human is key to success. 3. That focusing AI and Data-related applications on large asset classes can yield enormous results in record time.

Residential Real Estate is both the world’s largest asset class but also stands as most families’ single largest financial investment; thus, the intersection between big-capital and big-humanity is key to understanding this industry.

Despite the size of the “industry,” the processes involved in valuing, buying, selling, and understanding the rhythms of the industry are largely opaque. Sources of Data used by financial institutions are both public and private and, as with most data issues, can be seemingly infinite.
Still, most of the automated and large-scale models for important elements like valuation are clunky and inadequate. One can see this when attempting to get an estimate for the “true value” of any house in the United States or for that matter any other country.

Using Data streams, analysis, algorithms, and advanced AI techniques borrowed and derived from physics and computational genetics, Real Estate valuation and other related processes is possible- with accuracy and fidelity.

This session is about this “Real World” and important application of both Data and AI.