Realfinity is Eager To Provide Data Through Quantarium Innovative Technology

August 4, 2022

Miami, August 4, 2022 – Realfinity is now delivering even more information to homeowners about their home’s value with data through a partnership with Quantarium. The company’s tie with Quantarium’s innovative technology will allow Realfinity users to gain more insight into their property as well as its standing within the housing industry.

“The partnership with Quantarium allows Realfinity to empower U.S. homeowners with the first of its kind computer vision technologies, which can identify and assess room types and interior features that have an immediate influence on a home’s value,” said Luca Dahlhausen, CoFounder of Realfinity. “We see accurate, historic, and current valuations as a crucial metric in making the right homeownership decisions.”

With Realfinity’s relationship with Quantarium, the company’s HomeDashboard users will experience the industry’s most accurate real estate intelligence.
Homeowners will benefit from gaining a deeper understanding of the market and their home’s value range and can leverage the data to make informed decisions regarding their investments and financial future.

“Quantarium is excited to partner with Realfinity to bring our differentiated property valuation technology resources to their customer base,” said Clement Ifrim, Quantarium CEO. “Our AIdriven valuation solutions, and proprietary Machine Learning – Computer Vision based technologies, produce the industry’s most comprehensive and precise results for superior insights into the subject property.”

Realfinity is dedicated to continuing its mission in presenting homeowners with the knowledge they need to make the right financial investments and learn how to improve and maintain their wealth and assets.

About Realfinity
Realfinity is an innovative and transformative data driven Fintech company connecting consumers to local real estate and lending experts through a digital concierge experience. Realfinity’s unique go to market strategy as a B2B2C (business to business to consumer) platform allows true scalability to achieve its single objective to make financial services more accessible and transparent for consumers. Realfinity’s HomeDashboard platform increases transparency, bridging the gap and trust divide that often exists between client and financial service providers. HomeDashboard’s validated connections to local real estate and finance experts deliver quality data to the homeowner — all for free. To learn more, visit