QVM Insights from Quantarium & Valligent Technologies delivers a standardized valuation process to reduce risk

May 4, 2021
Real estate technology has changed rapidly over the last few years, and property valuation is no exception. Today, borrowers and lenders alike expect an easy and expedited home loan experience. And to make that happen, lenders need a solution that streamlines the appraisal process and eliminates potential mistakes. 

Appraisals are often time-consuming. Efficient data collection with aggregation and next-generation market analytics can drastically impact the closing process. Quantarium, an artificial intelligence and RE data analytics company, along with Valligent Technologies, a valuation technology innovator and an appraisal management company, created QVM Insights. QVM Insights combines virtual inspection technology with industry-leading automated valuation services for professionals in the real estate ecosystem. Through the power of Quantarium’s AI, combined with Valligent’s virtual inspection insights, this solution incorporates real-time updates of a property’s condition to provide the most comprehensive and accurate digital RE valuations.  

“From independent professionals to mortgage companies, banks and GSEs, the QVM Insights solution applies to vast swaths of the residential real estate footprint,” Quantarium CEO Clement Ifrim said. “QVM Insights provides the most comprehensive snapshot available today for any subject property to sharpen the overall property valuation process, as well as provide access to the latest, and industry’s most comprehensive property insights.” 

QVM Insights is an easy-to-use, accurate and technology-driven way to manage the appraisal piece of the “supply chain.” It combines Valligent’s innovative virtual appraisal technology, which allows an inspector to walk through a home virtually, take photos and assign a condition rating to each room, with Quantarium’s industry-leading and highest-ranked automated valuation cascade.  

This valuation solution uses Quantarium’s AI to understand and optimize information based on the specific neighborhood, zip code and county level. QVM Insights leverages real-time streaming data provided by Valligent, combined with property-centric data. It also factors in the effects of foreclosures, recent sales and other data inputs from virtual inspection to room-by-room condition. Using this information, QVM Insights arrives at a valuation outcome.  

“QVM Insights delivers a standardized, consistently repeatable valuation process that dramatically reduces risk,” Co-Founder and CEO of Valligent Jeremy McCarty said. “From cutting-edge virtual appraisal technology to AI-driven Quantarium Valuation Services Platform, QVM Insights offers seamless and innovative technology to speed up the revaluation process.” 

The typical appraisal process can be time intensive and take weeks to months to complete. Consumers, lenders, regulators and GSEs all demand and deserve exceptional velocity, accuracy and breadth in their valuation solutions. Integrating a virtual, automated-yet-accurate and inexpensive solution is key to increasing efficiency. QVM Insights provides accelerated valuations to increase loan approval rates and help lenders retain customers. 

This article was originally published on HousingWire on May 3, 2021.