Portfolio Analytics

Drive informed actions with the most accurate insights
across the property portfolio

Streamline your lending process from loan origination to acquisition and portfolio management with

Quantarium Portfolio Analytics Services.

Rely on transparent forecasts of performance and achieve your goals
Equip yourself for what’s ahead and always stay in-the-know
Optimize risk and stay confident in your decisions
Track borrowers for secured/unsecured liens
Monitor liens to capitalize on your loss mitigation strategy
Minimize potential foreclosure losses

Best-in-class portfolio monitoring, alerts, and retention

Gain Predictive Insights

Gain Predictive Insights

Identify borrowers who are likely to list their property for sale, refinance the property to lower payment and term, or take cash out.
Monitor Listed Properties

Monitor Listed Properties

Instant notification when properties in your portfolio are listed for sale, through licensed Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data via Xome Brokerage.
Discover New Lien Activities

Discover New Lien Activities

Stay updated on any additional activity to portfolio properties including secured liens such as HELOC, unsecured liens such as Federal or State tax, or any conveyance to ownership – quick claim or placing in Family Trust.
Analyze Loan Provisions

Analyze Loan Provisions

Gain detailed insights into borrower’s current status, whether he has paid off the loan but still lives in the property, has sold the home and moved into a new property, or has refinanced the property with another lender.

Insights Accessible the Way You Want

Regardless of the size and geography of your portfolio across the U.S., you can power better decision making with accurate and reliable insights, available in formats that are easily accessible and relevant to each user.
  • Match & Append
  • APIs
  • One Click PDF Reports
  • Bulk PDF Reports

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