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Terraverse™ Elastic Timeline

Go beyond the real estate space as we know it,
into a universe of quantum possibilities.

Embark on a brief guided tour of the Terraverse™ Elastic Timeline:

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TerraLook™ Visual Labs

See more with practical
computer vision for real estate.

Designed and developed in-house, TerraLook™ leverages our proprietary AI technology to deploy a sophisticated industry-leading multi-branch neural network. Incorporated within QVM and trained on millions of real estate images, TerraLook™ provides high-fidelity capabilities for both image classification and property valuations with precision.

TerraPlot™ Intelligent Mapping

The power to unveil a
neighborhood's DNA.

Push the boundaries with location intelligence. Incorporating market definition polygon functionality, advanced algorithms, and deep market exploration tools, TerraPlot™ helps you see beyond the trends into the true identity of a neighborhood.

Appraisal Modernization: QEdge

At the forefront of the appraisal industry and its regulators’ aims to improve the accuracy, reliability, transparency, and consistency of the appraisal process, Quantarium, by working with lenders, GSEs, regulators, and appraisers, created QEdge, a next-generation technology which is poised to transform the current state of the industry.

Deploying both novel methodologies and patented technical breakthroughs, QEdge provides transparent accuracy and unexplained undervaluation detection, while delivering higher order velocity with full downstream auditability.

The industry standard 3-comp method, an inherently subjective model dating from the 1930s and operating without the benefit of big data, contributes to price inconsistency, adjustment method opacity and potential racial disparity. QEdge, currently under test deployment, replaces the 3-comp model and addresses these long-standing unresolved industry challenges by introducing agile big data and machine learning assets.

Patented breakthrough SME mapping technology for fidelity, performance & scalability

Computer Vision and Significant Cycle Time Reduction

Price related Differential and Bias

Quantarium Marketplace

The power of instant insights.

With award winning features, Quantarium’s Marketplace provides effortless, convenient, and efficient access to insights typically reserved for industry experts. Make informed, data driven decisions and reign supreme in your market. Unleash the potential of your real estate ventures today. From Property Reports to our Agent’s Toolbox and Professional Valuation Tools, we have the products for everyone on your team.

TerraLake™ Data Intelligence

Smarter data,
smarter decisions.

Trusted by major mortgage lenders, financial institutions, home builders, direct marketing agencies and real estate professionals, TerraLake™, supercharged by our best-in-class national managed dataset, is populated with data synthesized and validated from over a dozen sources and is continually enriched with additional insights based on proprietary machine-generated and AI-enhanced data.








Data copilot.

Aggregate Natural Language user interaction and Large Language Models capabilities to enable advanced data manipulation, data analytics, and data extraction from large data lakes.

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