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Top Independently-Ranked AVM, HPI, and Much More

Founded by a team of leading scientists and Ph.D.’s, Quantarium has brought a suite of innovative and practical  AI technologies to focus on real estate valuation, analytics, and next generation smart mapping.  Quantarium, beyond providing lenders the #1 ranked AVM in the nation, is delivering Terraverse™, a next generation suite of AI technologies across the entire real estate ecosystem. Quantarium’s home valuation platform and data lake with computer vision, quantitative genetics, spatial indexing, and deep learning insights on over 157 million properties, offers lenders, appraisers and brokers a genuine competitive advantage. 

Quantarium has a unique blend of AI scientists, software architects, highly knowledgeable real estate professionals and data experts in building successful software businesses. We are one of the most accurate sources of property insights and are trusted by major mortgage lenders, financial institutes, house builders, direct marketing agencies, and real estate professionals across the nation. Our products and services uncover and capitalize on the core DNA of vertical industries. From data and analytics to new business models, Quantarium offers real AI to drive real value.

TerraIndex™, A Market-Velocity Home Price Index

An HPI’s accuracy and recency and therefore its relevancy are necessarily tied to the underlying valuation science or Automated Valuation Model (AVM) technology. TerraIndex™ is based on Quantarium Valuation Model (QVM) technology. Our QVM uses multiple proprietary models to estimate the value of a property based on the quantity and quality of the data available for each local market. These models are of different types (i.e. hedonic, index, hybrid) and employ various Machine Learning (ML) technologies, including Genetic Algorithms, Boosted Trees, Random Forests, Regression models, and Neural Networks. The final estimated values are controlled through a cascading mechanism on top of all models, which is optimized through its own ML process and provides a balanced performance between Hit Rate and Accuracy, depending on the customer’s needs. Quantarium’s HPIs also use Quantarium’s Data Lake – one of the most comprehensive in the industry, covering 99.9% of all County assessor parcels in the US – hence providing truly national coverage at great depth.


Extreme Recency

Quantarium’s Market-Velocity HPIs are able to provide the RE Industry’s most current market movement insights. Generated from our AI platform, critical market intelligence is now available 30-45 days faster than other established RE data/analytics companies and media organs in the US.


Market Fidelity

Daily processing on the Quantarium platform computes accurate HPIs within both broad and specific market geographies weekly.  Offering clients unparalleled optionality to understand markets from State, County, MSA, CBSA down to Zip Code levels. TerraIndex™ users understand markets when they move, not months later.

The Impact of TerraIndex™

For the last 4-5 years, QVM has been participating in weekly performance testing with the top AVM testing agencies in the country, and it has been consistently ranked at the top for both Accuracy and Hit Rate. QVM continuously re-computes the estimated values for the entire national footprint (~100M residential properties), with a Hit rate above 96%. This allows TerraIndex™ to be updated weekly, based on the most recent data available, thus identifying the most current market trends in the industry, long before other systems. Velocity translates to differentiated advantage over other available approaches. TerraIndex™ helps customers make timely, informed business decisions, particularly in highly volatile markets such as the RE industry has over the trailing few years and continues to experience, enabling them to stay both apprised and ahead of such challenging markets.


Terraplot™ facilitates live market explorations via a rich, responsive, and visually driven UI that boasts property-level resolution and intelligent color mapping. This advanced technology allows users to explore their real estate universe and beyond, using location intelligence in order to define their markets and deeply understand their subject properties. A library of data pivots and the ability to create custom formulas let them truly delineate their region and rule the market.


Patented Technology

Terraplot™ provides B2B and B2C organizations with a direct-to-customer market exploration tool for a wide range of users, from property owners to real estate professionals including appraisers, loan officers, portfolio managers and even insurance adjusters. By choosing from salient data pivots while benefiting from the industry’s leading precision and coverage AVM to algorithmically define contiguous areas, users can define best market similarity fits such as total valuation bands, in-kind stories, builder quality codes, year-over-year appreciation, property age or views, etc. An appraiser unfamiliar with assigned areas can outline a market-definition polygon and determine how the subject property fits within the geographic market area. Is it homogenous or heterogenous to the contiguous market? Is it an outlier high-value property in a mid-tier neighborhood?


Unparalleled Impact

Terraplot™ is driven by the spatial indexing of over 100M parcel locations, together with dozens of property characteristics in an innovative columnar format. In turn, this enables lightning-fast representations, adjusting on the fly as a function of the viewport and based on hundreds of thousands of backend calculations. Arbitrary location property-level data can be recalled and color mapping of individual property for user-chosen regions can be aggregated and color mapped in real-time, in effect serving map overlays in real time for a large number of data pivots, for the entire United States and at almost any zoom level. Additionally, Terraplot™’s engine can be trained on client-supplied data to render minable displays that lead to the custom plots best tailored to the client’s specific needs.

QVM – Competitive Advantage for Home Equity Lenders

Our valuation models, repeatedly proven the industry’s most accurate, through multiple independent testing groups including the nation’s largest independent testing program,  are supercharged with a self-learning AI engine that is constantly becoming smarter and more accurate as quality and quantity data are fed into it. QVM’s AI engine has resolved the industry’s long standing AVM performance constraints to offer customers authentic competitive advantage. Historically, the AVM industry has only offered customers improved precision and coverage through sacrificing coverage to increase precision, or, inversely, improving coverage by reducing model precision. Quantarium’s state-of-the-art AI and computer vision technologies break through these constraints, driving QVM’s unprecedented simultaneous improvements in both precision and coverage. At the same time, the fidelity of QVM’s proprietary TerraLook computer vision capabilities can offer specific subject property condition status, over competitors’ ubiquitous average condition, for age of the property model assumptions.

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